Stage 1 _ ASK

San Francisco is a fast-moving competitive real estate market. My job as a Realtor is to focus your energy and provide information to facilitate your decisions. As we team, you’ll arrive at a time when you know the property that is right for you. It’s your ability to say yes with confidence that forms the basis from which we can negotiate a win-win contract.

Since properties are bought and sold in San Francisco on average of ten to fourteen days of coming onto the MLS, selling or buying a property with a Realtor brings deep benefits. I’m here answers to questions, offer introductions professionals in my network of financial institutions, inspectors or trades people, or legal advisors depending on your situation. I commit to being present for your process and you’re in charge of decisions. Each transaction has unique parameters, pages of disclosures, variable prices, and contractual documents. Let’s team to ensure you’re prepared to make informed decisions.

As your agent, I have a fiduciary duty of honesty, care, accountability, confidentiality, and integrity. I welcome your questions. When you ask questions and I answer the, we gather information to assist you in refining your search until your visions transforms into realty.

Examples of Actions

What is your ideal property, neighborhood and alternatives?

How do you learn about the market, Zillow versus myTheo?

What can we afford and what is PITI? (principal, interest, taxes, insurance)

When are properties available to be seen?

• Tue Broker’s Tour _ Vanguard Properties Wed Office Tour

• Twilight Tours _  Wed/Thu 5:30-7pm

• Weekend Open House _ Sat/Sun 2 - 4pm

• By Appointments _ Supra or Lock Box

What is your preferable means of communication?

Stage 2 _ Prepare

Real estate deals involve disclosures, contracts, terms, contingencies, and escrow. Each word or phrase represents a distinct process, documents and time frames. The particulars are as numerous and individual as the people I serve. I find preparation reduces stress that arises from the complex, dynamic and fast paced San Francisco market. 

San Francisco is a sea of micro climates with variable interior/exterior designs, walk scores and floor plans. I have a measured and strategic methodology to prepare, negotiate and win on your behalf. I promise to aid your understanding and define the steps to achieve your goals. For instance, as buyer, we’ll review disclosures, research answers to questions, obtain a pre-approval letter, provide proof of funds for the down payment, establish contractual terms, DocuSign a contract, negotiate for your win, ratify an offer, remove contingencies and close escrow. 

Examples of Prepare Activities

Be Prepared to Tour _ Pre-Approval/Cash 

Finer Details on Loan Down Payments

• Terms 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARMS, 15 year or 30 year fixed

20% - standard if primary residence

25% – 30% investment

5%, 80/10/10, PMI, SBA, FHA

Closing Cost – 2-3% average of purchase price – Title Company Estimates.

Key disclosure documents often provided by seller via

• TDS, Seller’s Disclosures, AVID _ Agent Visual Inspection Disclosures

• Natural & Environmental Hazard Report includes Property Taxes

• 3 R Report, Building Inspections, Pest Inspections

• Preliminary Title, CC&R’s, HOA Rules & Meeting Minutes

• Tenants, Estoppels, Ellis Eviction, OMI, RMI, etc.

Stage 3 _  Execute 

The framework we establish during the ask and prepare stages becomes the foundation to execute a contract. As you write or review offers and negotiate obstacles inevitably arise. As your agent, I listen for the opportunity inside the problem. Then, team with you to define alternative actions and working solutions. I then negotiate, as if your money were my own. And, I manage the transaction to maximize your success.  


SFAR or CAR Contract depending on location of property

Time is of the Essence _ Reach an agreement, then DocuSign for signatures

What is your offer price, it’s your decision?

Discuss and Establish Contingencies

• Loan, Appraisal, Inspections _ Paragraph 12 A / 12B, COE, etc.

Review and Sign Disclosures _ due diligence/signatures

Proof of funds _ PDF for down-payment or if cash sale, all funds

Letter to seller _ Who you are, what you love about their house, how you see yourself living there

Counter Offers _ Multiple Counters, or Single Counter

Ratify _ You are now in contract w/accepted offer

NEXT STEPS _ Escrow and Closing Process 

Ratified Contract – Signatures by both buyer/seller

Schedule of Time line_ all dates are sequential calendar days 

Deposit 3% Earnest Funds as defined in contract within 2 business days 

Active Removal of Contingencies per contract terms

Actions you’ll need to take

• Provide lender any documents to become fully underwritten

• Determine how to take title by consulting your CPA or Tax Attorney

• Obtain property Insurance _ one full year to be paid in escrow

• Verification of Property Condition _ walk through 5 days before COE

Close of Escrow (COE) _is the day your transaction records in the city Assessors office

CD_ Closing Document sent by lender _ 3 days prior to signatures at Title Company

Sign Docs at Title Company _3 days before COE date (mobile notary or in office)

• Certified check or wire made out title company for balance stated on CD

COE – You receive the keys to the property. I’ll bring them or you pick them up at Vanguard Properties


My focus is to get you more of what you want. 


Stage 1 _ Ask

Let's connect when you're starting to research when, how or why to sell your property. I'll listen, ask questions and provide guidance to deepen your knowledge of San Francisco's market. And, when you’re ready, I'll make a listing presentation that includes a comprehensive marketing plan and detailed profiles for comparable properties to guide you to establish a realistic price for your property.

Stage 2 _ Prepare

After we sign an exclusive listing agreement, my team and I will complete a disclosure package, implement and manage the agreed upon preparations of your property, marketing plan and web site to prepare your home for sale. Our discussions will include when to set an offer date, how to review multiple offers and negotiate to net you the highest price for your home.

Stage 3 _  Execute 

After we establish the framework during the ask and prepare stages, this becomes the foundation used to negotiate so you receive the highest best offer. As your agent, I listen for the opportunity inside challenges. I negotiate manage the transaction as if your money were my own.  

NEXT STEPS _ Escrow and Closing Process 

Ratified Contract – Signatures by both buyer/seller

Time line Schedule

All dates in the contract are sequential calendar days 

I'm never too busy to listen to your concerns, interests and keep you informed.