Carol Koffel views real estate as a vital part of everyone's investment portfolio. Her promise is to leverage your nuanced web of personal, architectural and financial circumstances to build a successful investment in real estate. A promise backed by deep local market knowledge, skills as a designer, carpenter, and entrepreneur.

Carol Koffel’s mission is share her knowledge of the San Francisco Bay area and extend her network of professionals to help you get more of what you want. She helps clients through both the sell and buy side of real estate transactions. Prior to becoming a professional Realtor, she refinanced her home to purchase of a commercial condominium to lease to her industrial design consultancy, Gingko Design. Other personal real estate experiences are out of state investments, being a landlord and the purchase of a TIC, tenancy in common 2-unit property.

Carol Koffel earned a Bachelors of Science from Art Center of Design in 1983 and an MFA from California College of Art in 2011. She became a realtor in 2015 translating her prior professions into successes for her clients. Carol has been a Noe Valley resident for decades.

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